The House

When Aidan in 1997 stepped over the doorstep holding the keys to this one of its kind little place in the Green Vales of Kilshanny, he dreamed a pub. A new era started for Kilshanny House at Kilshanny Cross.

Original Stone Pub

Kilshanny House is a place with a long history whispering in the raw and beautiful limestone rocks that makes out the foundation and structure of the house. The first stone was laid in the early nineteenth century and in 1860 the house stood ready to let time, people, paint and changing businesses pass through up until the day Aidan took over and reopened it as a pub. With Aidan’s naturally trained eye, passion and craftsman’s skill for bringing out the original and true character of a house whilst adding his own unique touch to it, once again the ancient limestone rocks saw the light of day. It is not the first time Aidan has brought a place back to its original character of stone. Previous to Kilshanny House, he bought Burke’s Pub at the market in Ennis, renamed it The Usual Place and was the first person ever to restore a house back to its original stone.

Irish Roots

For 15 years now, he has run a pub true to its Irish roots, hence its special local atmosphere. Never has it, in the firm and caring hands of Aidan lost touch with the landscape from where it is born and the limestone walls that carries its story and embraces all the words never spoken, but in truth can be sensed in every corner of the house, every dish served and every pint poured. Word on the street has it that Kilshanny House has the long searched for best pint of Guinness in town

A Homely Pub

Alongside Aidan, Mary too has become a living part of Kilshanny House, adding to it a natural heart-warm and welcoming homely feel with the scent of home baking, excellent teas and freshly ground coffee. Through varied careers, not only in Ireland but in the UK and American too, Mary has gathered a vast experience in customer service which she is looking forward to share with the guests of Kilshanny House. No matter how far and for how long Mary went away, growing up in a small village in The Burren, this rocky limestone place never left her heart. It comes therefor as a natural development of Kilshanny House to make it eco-friendly and a member of The Burren Eco Tourism ( and thereby enhance the work in progress on conserving The Burren’s unique and somewhat fragile habitats.

The History of Kilshanny House

In the early part of the twentieth century Austin and Maria Thynne ran a successful business at Kilshanny Cross. They were not blessed with children and so their nephew, Peter Considine came to help them in the business. It was known locally as ‘The Shop’ It consisted of a general store, a pub and a farm. Following their death, Peter Considine ran ‘The Shop’. Peter had a strong republican background and ironically he married Nora Murphy, a local school teacher and a sister of the Fine Gael T.D., Bill Murphy from Ennistymon.

In those times, a guard or a teacher were not allowed to live on licensed premises (public house). So Peter and Nora ingeniously built on an extension and relocated the pub there. They had a big family who all later moved away. The land was sold and the pub (‘The Shop’) stopped trading in 1977.

The Shop

In or around 1980 ‘The Shop’ was purchased by Noel Hassett and his wife Nuala Brooks. They were the owners of the well known Hassett’s Pub at Hassett’s Cross in Limerick. They converted it into a self catering B& B type business and called it Kilshanny House. They kept the publican’s license live, but did not open to the public.

In 1997 they put Kilshanny House up for sale and it was bought by Aidan Galvin and he lovingly brought the building back to its original stone. This restoration work is Aidan’s passion. He had already the old Burke’s pub in the Market Square in Ennis and renamed it “The Usual Place”.

Best Pint in Kilshanny!

Aidan has been running a very successful pub and serving the best pint of Guinness in Kilshanny now for almost fifteen years!! Well, as Kilshanny House is the ONLY pub in the area, of course he is selling the best pint of Guinness!!

Old Photos of Kilshanny House

On display at Kilshanny House there is an historical montage of photos showing this lovely building from 1860-2012 and of the Thynne and Considine families who lived there.

If there is anyone reading this that would have old photos, relative to Kilshanny House, we would be very happy to display these alongside the ones we have. If there is a little story associated with the photo and you would like to share it, just drop a line to Mary of Aidan at Kilshanny House or e-mail moc.l1618339001iamg@1618339001esuoh1618339001ynnah1618339001slik1618339001.

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