St. Augustine’s Day in Kilshanny

This Thursday, August 28th is a very special day in Kilshanny…… Children return to school after their summer holidays, some move on to secondary school and lots are starting their first day at St. Augustine’s Greenschools!
It is St. Augustine’s Day and Mass will be held at the Holy Well in Kilshanny at 7p.m. to celebrate the Feast of St. Augustine and pattern day for the Holy Well. People who have moved to Kilshanny in recent years may not realise that the Augustinian monks founded an abbey here in 1189 just 300 yards west of the Holy Well and much of the surrounding lands belonged to the monastery until granted by Queen Elizabeth 1 to Turlough O’Brien of Smithstown Castle.
We, Mary & Aidan will have complimentary home baked scones and a cupán tae after the Mass for all of you at Kilshanny House as a gesture towards keeping our community spirit alive and strong. There’ll be an extra special welcome to all our “Gussies”!

  •  a picture of the Holy Well, it is located behind Kilshanny cemetery.
  •  a picture of Riona O’Dwyer heading off to her first day at ‘big school’ ..St. Augustine’s N.S.
    Riona's first day at big school
    “At last…Big school”!
    St. Augustine's Holy Well
    St. Augustine’s Holy Well