Evironmental Policy


Aidan and Mary at Kilshanny House are dedicated to conservation issues and sustainability. Our objective is to ensure that an exciting and memorable holiday is had by all who visit the area, which in turn supports sustainability and conservation efforts in the local community. We strive to continually reduce our environmental impact and contribute to conservation and sustainable tourism.

  • We network with other people and businesses in the area and look to increase the amount of mutual co-operation between existing and new businesses in the area, especially other businesses which share an eco- friendly ethos.
  • We are committed to conserve Energy, reduce Waste generated and Recycle as much as possible of the raw materials that we use at Kilshanny House.
  • We use eco-friendly products for washing and cleaning and locally made natural handmade soaps.
  • We divide and recycle our waste and strive to minimise even more for the future.
  • We offer free e-charging to our customers to facilitate electric vehicles.
  • We source produce locally where possible.
  • We continually look at new, innovative ideas in our processes to reduce water and energy use.