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kilshanny-daytime-1-32Join us for our locally sourced, tasty, home made fare and our cosy, welcoming atmosphere!


We are open every day from 11a.m. – 7p.m….except Wednesday when we take a break!


We will facilitate group bookings. Just ring Mary to discuss on +353 65 7071660





Our Signiture Dish…Burren Béilíní

Usually served as part of our special events

What is Burren Béilíní?

Béi-lín-í (bale-een-ee): n; pl: snack or little meal of Irish origin, derived from Gaelic noun béile meaning ‘meal’.


Burren-BeiliniAt Kilshanny we are Wild, Local, Seasonable and Sustainable! Our Burren Béilíní borrows from the Spanish tapas serving bite-sized tastes of the local area. What we serve in our Béilíní is dictated by what is available locally and what is in season. The Béilíní is a tangible representation of the culture, farming and culinary history of our particular region, of its terroir* creating a sense of place.


Some of the ingredients Mary uses in making the Burren Béilíní are Birgittas’ Burren smoked salmon, Siobhán’s St. Tola Cheese, Kevin’s seasonal greens, Wild Atlantic seaweed, local farmer’s Burren beef & lamb, Eva’s Burren Free Range Pork, Deborah’s preserves from her Clareville House Kitchen Garden, Jason’s organic eggs, hedgerow berries, hazelnuts, wild garlic and home-grown herbs, all will be served with a homely warm welcome and a smile!


*“Terroir is the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with the plant’s genetics, express in agricultural products such as wine, coffee, tea and chocolate. Terroir can be loosely translated as a “sense of place”, which is embodied in certain characteristic qualities, the sum of the effects that the local environment has had on the production of the food or drink product.”


Burren Food Events

Kilshanny House is on the Burren Food Trail and featured in the Burren Food Trail Monday events.

The Burren Food Trail is more than a listing of quality food establishments in the area – it aims to uncover for you the path that your food takes from field to plate. You can decide for yourself how to follow the trail – stop at every point or else dip in and out along the way, according to your taste, interest and location.


Monday Food Events at Kilshanny House

18th May: Burren Béilíni and All That Jazz

Beilini and all that Jazz

Warm your senses to an intriguing mix of Jazz, Swing, Bossa Nova & Blues and indulge in bite-sized tastes of the area*. Paul O’Driscoll Jazz Trio will entertain you with a unique combination of double bass and Be Bop…make this evening a totally unforgettable experience.


Our Burren Béilíní will be inspired by seasonal foods and flavours from the Burren region, distinctively local and in themselves have a story to tell!

Mary presents certificate Oonagh


Oonagh (Wild Kitchen) will showcase her Award winning Burren Béilíní - home-made soft cheese with Nettle and Sorrel on a Dilisk and Fennel seed cracker. Chickweed Pakora with Nettle and Parsley Pesto, Haw jelly.



Price: €10

To book please contact Aidan or Mary on +353 65 7071660,



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