Fiver Friday at Kilshanny House

Friday, October 24th was no ordinary Friday in Kilshanny!  It was Fiver Friday.  Fiver Friday  is a Joe Duffy initiative running now for a few years and it’s all about supporting local.  Well, it was a great day both upstairs and downstairs at Kilshanny House.  Upstairs was full of colour and beautiful local genuine crafts, each craft’s person had some of their crafts for a fiver.  Downstairs, Mary served a lovely home made lunch and home baked dessert for a fiver.  There was such a great turn out and support from our great community that people had to park in gaps, at the neighbours, at the Church, no space to park at Kilshanny House on a Friday afternoon, was definitely a first!  Some of the atmosphere is captured in these pictures taken on the day by my good friend Jenny Martin