Culture Night at Kilshanny House


Blackie O'Connell and Davy SpillaneIn the words of poet Oliver O’Connell, “The piper weaves a magic spell with sounds of old Ireland” and Culture Night in Kilshanny House on 16 September 2016 entitled “Pipes, Pipers and Poetry” was simply magical!

Friends and followers came from near and far for this special event and their faith was well rewarded. Pipers Blackie O’Connell and Davy Spillane took us from fairground to fireside with their bardic style of piping learned from the masters of the Traveller tradition.

Young piperJoined by musician Cyril O’Donoghue and many other pipers who came to rejoice in the company of the experts, the place was buzzing. When Davy treated us to one of his slow airs, an uncharacteristic hush prevailed in the house, with the exception of the haunted notes he coaxed from the pipes as only he can.

In his poem “The Piper”, Oliver O’Connell urges us to “stop and listen to the piper’s call”. On Friday last, the guests of Kilshanny House did just that. Thanks to everyone for coming and to our neighbours who welcomed and accommodated the extra parking.


Photos: Maryann Stephens

Video: Robert Singer